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Aurélie WilmetÉpinette Noire

Book launch

The Peinture Fraîche team is delighted and excited to welcome Super Loto, accompanied by illustrator and author Aurélie Wilmet, to discover and present her latest book,
Get your diaries ready! The event will take place on Thursday 18 January at 9 rue Lesbroussart from 6pm to 9pm.

Kuujjuaq, 18 December 1947. Violette, a pilot flying the aeropostal service between Ontario and Nunavik in Canada’s far north, is preparing to leave on her last trip of the season. The weather is clear and there is no sign of the blizzard that soon descends on the tundra, causing her plane to crash. Trapped in the storm, injured and wavering between sanity and madness, Violette struggles to survive in a strange in-between world.

But as a rescue team sets out to find her, a mysterious creature – a white bear with a brown face – seems to have taken care of her… Unless it’s all an illusion. Or a delusion. A dream born of agony. Aurélie Wilmet is fascinated by Nordic legends, primitive tales and ancient cultures. In this new book, she takes us to Inuk territory at the beginning of the 20th century, to discover the Inuit of Nunavik and a world as yet unexplored.

Part initiation story, part modern tale, Épinette noire explores the links between living beings, humans and non-humans – taking us to the frontiers of reality. Flat tones of colour, desert and snowy expanses, black spruce, ice and torrents make up the ominously present landscapes of these powerful pages, taut with the dramatic tension of the story. A deeply moving journey to the edge of the world, for readers eager to be bewitched by the magic of the steppes, in an immersive, sensory and mystical experience.

Aurélie Wilmet is a young Belgian comic strip artist based in Denmark. After studying art, she published her first album, Rorbuer (Prix de la Première Œuvre en BD FWB), with Super-Loto Éditions in 2020. After this first Scandinavian story, Aurélie Wilmet takes us to the far north of Canada, to Inuk territory, with Épinette Noire. Still armed with her felt-tips and coloured pencils, she explores the landscapes of Nunavik and the customs of its inhabitants in this new story.

Super Loto Edition
Super Loto Éditions is, at the heart of the great abacus of life, first and foremost the ambition of a few friends with a passion for comics, graphic design, illustration and beautiful prints, aimed at other friends and strangers, all as broke as each other (even if those who are not broke are also admitted to the circle of readers).

At the same time, “Pierre ciseaux papier”, the inaugural exhibition of Mathilde Hatzenberger’s second space, will be closing on our walls and upstairs. We look forward to seeing you there!

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