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Ricard, AnoukCoucous Bouzon

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Dominique Goblet’s selection for her storefront.

Anouk Ricard is one of those artists who can make children’s books that adults envy. A dry humour, effective stories, an immediately recognisable drawing. It seems naive, but it grates, it scratches the chord of the absurd and the offbeat.

To be hired at Coucous Bouzon, the declining Swiss cuckoo specialist, Richard had to answer the question “Can you touch your feet with your legs stretched out?” and then greet Kiki, the dead fish. And it’s not just the boss who’s weird, all the colleagues are special. Useless meetings, absurd withholding of information, sexual harassment… the ordinary life of the company takes on singular aspects here… and downright creepy! Poor Richard has fallen in with the crazies and it is not certain that he will come out of the cuckoo box unscathed.

  • Ricard, Anouk
  • Gallimard BD
  • Language French
  • Release2011
  • Pages96
  • Format24.8 x 18 cm
  • ISBN9782070639960

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