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Hors Ligne: Sites en ligne


Sites en Ligne is a symposium of sculpture and installation in a natural environment that takes place every two years in the Bois de Ligne in Silly (Belgium).

About thirty artists or collectives, of all backgrounds, nationalities and experience, are invited to carry out their project in one of the two disciplines proposed, trunk cutting and installation in a natural environment.

The selected artists work all week long in the woods under the gaze of a few walkers who are already curious about the result they will discover at the weekend, during the exhibition of the final works.

During the weekend, the public is invited to stroll through the Bois de Ligne to discover the artists’ work and to vote for the public prizes. They can also stop by the country bar to rest, have a drink, meet the artists and local personalities or attend the organised activities, concerts, table d’hôtes, fireworks, etc…

The project is rooted in a local festival, the Plantation du Mai, during which a tree, chosen from among the tallest in the forest, is erected in the middle of a field, pushed by a collective effort using large wooden ladders. Each year, the Sites en Ligne association takes part in this event and buys the trunk sold at auction, to offer it to its future cutters who will delight the villagers by transforming their May tree into sculptures.

Located in the middle of the woods, leaving the usual institutional contexts of contemporary art, weaving a strong link with popular tradition, and allowing everyone to meet, this event generates affinities between local actors, artists, project leaders and a very diverse public. There is a very friendly atmosphere.

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  • Language French
  • Release2018
  • Pages270
  • Format25.5 x 21.5 cm
  • ISBN2000000027241

Signaturewith Yves Depelsenaire for "Éloge de Marcel Broodthaers", on Thursday 14 April 2022 Booklaunch of the first 3 catalogues of the graduates of the École supérieure des arts de l’image Le 75, on Thursday 28 April 2022

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