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Piergiorgio Casotti & Emanuele BruttiIndex G


The Gini Index is a statistical measure of inequality , also used to measure residential segregation. Racial segregation in racial segregation in the United States metropolitan areas may be dampened by other levels of geography (places & suburbs). A new macro-segregation, where the locus of racial differentiation resides more at higher scales of geography rather than in neighborhood-to-neighborhood differences. In other words, ethnoracial segregation has decreased to some levels of geography (neighborhood-to-neighborhood) while increasing to other spatial scales (city-to-suburb or suburb-to-suburb).In St. Louis, for instance, ZIP codes. North of Delmar blvd, 95% black, life expectancy is 67. At a walking distance, few hundred yards south of Delmar blvd, 70% white, a person has a life expectancy of 82. Silence, uncertainty, absence are the words that drive the book. It is on the subtle perception of (human) failure. The idea of ​​a discontinuity between the adjacent human spatial systems. The sense of anomaly, pushing the sense of oddity. As in a visual dialogue between R. Carver and E. Hopper this work unfolds as a “theater of silence” play, made of an absence of peculiar characters and their stories, in which time and uncertainty remain untold and suspended in time, in that specific moment of uncertainty, we are just able to perceive, or the exciting feeling that it will happen soon. A limbo filled with tensions and doubts.

  • Skinnerboox
  • Language English
  • Release2018
  • Pages144
  • Format34 x 24 cm
  • ISBN9788894895117

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