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Vitali KonstantinovLa grande histoire de l'écriture, De l’écriture cunéiforme aux émojis

24.90 EUROS

“Vitali Konstantinov’s great history of writing is like no other. A wry sense of humour and overflowing creativity serve this popular science project: tracing the history of writing in (almost) all its forms, from the first signs sketched by Neolithic nomads to the era of emojis and Tolkien’s Elvish languages. Far from the traditional documentary series, this large-format album is a striking contrast between comics and high-quality instructive content, both extremely precise and detailed, based on solid bibliographical research. A superb invitation to travel through time and languages!”

  • Vitali Konstantinov
  • La joie de lire
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages80
  • Format37 x 27 cm
  • ISBN9782889085583

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