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Claire malary, Saul PandelakisLa Séquence Aardtman

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Bye Bye Binary’s selection for their storefront.

“In this futuristic world, there are only a few million humans left on earth and the bots, since the laws of autonomy, are privileged by society thanks to a point system. At the same time, in order to discover the universe, ships explore space in search of planets to seed.

Two stories follow one another.
The one about Roz, a transgender man who wakes up on board Ari-me, a self-managed spaceship. His daily life is stretched, he takes care of the programs and the AI that guides them.
And that of Asha, a transgender bot who espouses the cause of bots, expressing their bodily feelings, studying the embodiment of intelligences and their finitude.

Roz and Asha do not know each other, will never meet. When Alex, the AI on Roz’s ship inexplicably spins out of control and is replaced by another, the connection is made. This Aardtman sequence, silently emerging from the lines of the emergency code, allows them to begin a remote conversation.

These trajectories oppose and attract each other, respond to each other. At the heart of these narratives are interwoven several bodies, several time-spaces, several journeys and other voices, those that shed light on the history of this world, both hostile and tranquil, in a symphony of crossed destinies.”

  • Claire malary, Saul Pandelakis
  • Goater
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages592
  • Format21 x 13 cm
  • ISBN9791097465759

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