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William J. R. CurtisL'Architecture moderne depuis 1900


In over twenty years, Modern Architecture since 1900 has never been translated into French. Yet this fundamental work is part of a prestigious corpus of academic references among other classics in Anglo-Saxon bookstores, libraries and bibliographies. Already translated into German, Italian and Japanese, the book by William J. R. Curtis, a specialist in Le Corbusier and the modern movement, approaches modern architecture in three main parts: the formative currents of the early part of the century, the crystallisation of modern architecture between the two wars, and the transformations and dissemination after the 1940s. The French edition is the third English edition (1996) of a dense text, which has evolved in the course of the author’s travels and fruitful research since the very first edition in 1982. The book has been expanded with new chapters on Latin America, Australia and Japan, for example. William J. R. Curtis deals with modern architecture through traditions, transitions and major new creations. He focuses on the individuality of certain pivotal buildings, such as the Villa Savoye. Guided by themes in the chapters, the author has orchestrated his work around architectural, historical and iconographic reflections and, more broadly, has extended his gaze to the world and its different cultures, their cosmopolitan transformations. Historian, critic and writer, William J. R. Curtis, who has made his home in France for the past 15 years, is renowned throughout the world for his writings on architecture.

  • William J. R. Curtis
  • Phaidon
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages736
  • Format24.5 x 21 cm
  • ISBN9780714894911

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