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Barbara CassinLe Bonheur, sa dent douce à la mort


The philosophical autobiography of Barbara Cassin, a sensitive and literary text that, from the anecdote to the idea, gives us to see the philosophical texture of life.

You have the most beautiful legs in the world, you will be my wife or my mistress. That is what became the love of my life. Me, marry a Jew, never! Jewish Barbara? Shut up my boy, she is so nice. With a sure instinct, you will choose your seat. Have breakfast at the table of this Nazi! How nice to recognize me, Jacques Lacan. It’s no Greek! What do you think of what you see? I love it when you’re body is gay. Stop looking at it, let it go…

These sentences move from anecdote to idea. They are like proper names that title memories. They make a philosophical autobiography, told to my son Victor and written with him. By saying them, I understand why and how they made me live-and-think. Hard as they are sometimes, they give access to the tone of happiness.

  • Barbara Cassin
  • Fayard
  • Language French
  • Release2020
  • Pages252
  • Format13.5 x 21.5 cm
  • ISBN9782213713090

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