Building BooksLe tribunal des utopies - Les utopies menacent-elles notre bonheur ?


“Recurrently produced as absolute solutions to contemporary social problems, utopias promise rosy futures through the often strict and elaborate application of architectural, urban and social models. Whether implemented, partially built or unrealized, utopias are physical representations of an ideal environment, which, despite their best intentions, continue to point to everything that is wrong today. Do utopias ruin our morale ? If the value of utopias lies in the fact that, by definition, they do not exist, should we not simply eradicate the possibility of producing them? Or, on the contrary, does the projected value of utopias constitute the basis for fertile imaginations and a possible acceleration of progress? More simply: do utopias threaten our happiness?”

  • Building Books
  • Building Books
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages120
  • Format15 x 11 cm
  • ISBN9782492680007

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