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Edward Joseph Lowe, William Howard.Les plantes à feuillage coloré


History, description, cultivation and use of the most remarkable species for the decoration of parks, gardens, greenhouses and flats.

This reference work from 1867 and 1874 is here reprinted in a faithful facsimile. It includes colour images of 120 ornamental plants in a superb range of vibrant colours, produced in chromotypography at the time, and 120 black engravings.

The original is by two prominent English botanists of their time,
Edward Joseph Lowe (1825-1900) and William Howard.
It was translated by Jules Rothschild, himself a botanist and publisher.

  • Edward Joseph Lowe, William Howard.
  • Editions Bibliomane
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages124
  • Format27.3 x 18 cm
  • ISBN9782367430454

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