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Émilie GleasonL'origine du monstre


“On board a large sail and steam ferry, Noah, his offspring and a host of animals fornicate in the dry until the end of the biggest rainstorm the Earth has ever seen. From this 40-day deluge of love, the world must rise again, once its feet and paws are on the soft ground… But it must be said that the task falls mainly to Shem, Noah’s only daughter and the last human female: the Great Founder himself has appeared to her to order her to become a Shem to save humanity! Shem, who takes her role seriously, nevertheless prefers to avoid contact with her benign brothers or her tyrannical father, and sets off to search the new world for possible surviving progenitors. But she is in doubt: will she be able to remain coitus if she meets men who do not necessarily combine plastic dimension and intellectual abyss? Halfway between Noah’s Ark and the Orifice of the Species, we won’t say if Man will be saved, deso.”

  • Émilie Gleason
  • Les Requins Marteaux
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages160
  • Format18 x 13 cm
  • ISBN9782849613108

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