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205 éditionsNéolithique Anthropocène - Dialogue autour des 12000 dernières années


Néolithique Anthropocène – Dialogue autour des 12000 dernières années provides an opportunity to read and see reflections on the human footprint on the planet: the transformative footprints of the Neolithic period, revealing humanity’s interrelationship with the rest of the living world; the predatory footprints on resources and bodies of the plantation culture from the beginning of the sixteenth century; the toxic footprints visible after the Second World War, which are part of the ‘great acceleration’. Questioning the origin of this crisis of the Earth’s habitability and glimpsing its complexity also means opening up the possibilities for the future. Looking back over the last twelve thousand years allows us to grasp both the richness and the scale of the transformations carried out by our species in such a short period of time: if we imagine the existence of the Earth from its origins to the present day as a 24-hour day, Homo Sapiens arrives at 11:14 pm!

In order to hear or glimpse this complexity and to respond to different sensibilities, this book brings together several forms of expression: Thibaut Sardier’s interviews with Jean-Paul Demoule and Michel Lussault, Bérénice Gagne’s interviews with Christine Chivallon; Muriel Gandelin’s and Michel Lussault’s texts; Axelle Grégoire’s maps; François Deladerrière’s photographs; and Christian Sermet’s explanation of the Musée des Confluences exhibition La Terre en héritage, du Néolithique à nous. All of them take part in a storytelling of our history in motion and in twists and turns.

  • 205 éditions
  • 205
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages96
  • Format32 x 23 cm
  • ISBN9782919380404

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