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Ricard, AnoukPlanplan Culcul


Dominique Goblet’s selection for her storefront.

He’s the kind of guy who writes a book for kids, then ping pongs with Killoffer and then follows it up with an ass comic book from Requins Marteaux and you’re not surprised by anything. Absolute fan!

If you’ve got sweaty underwear and a teasing club, you’re holding Planplan Culcul, Anouk Ricard’s latest book, between your paws. The (a)mateurs of her zoophilic universe are not ready to get disenchanted: too cute characters in more and more hot situations sprinkled with silly dialogues with double penetration! Anouk Ricard walks all this little world with the ass in the air in a staging of the most cock-ass. The plot is that of a traditional porn movie: two beautiful TV repairmen are struggling with a client who is as hot as a French fry stand. Except that unlike the classic porn movie, the male protagonists are as long on understanding as they are on the zipper. Yet this poor Madame Chatte is not short of hints… But surprises are waiting for you from outer space… The arrival of Anouk Ricard in the BDCUL collection is a major event! With this BDCUL, depressives will get their dick back. And if the real sex animals are our pets, when they scratch at the door, let’s make them climb into bed!

  • Ricard, Anouk
  • Requins Marteaux
  • Language French
  • Release2013
  • Pages125
  • Format18.2 x 13.1 cm
  • ISBN9782849611487

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