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Dupré la Tour, FlorencePucelle : Tome 1. Débutante

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Dominique Goblet’s selection for her storefront.

In “Cruel”, birds, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, horses, no animal is spared the cruelty of children… In “Pucelle”, Florence tells how she discovers her body and her sexuality in a family with a very Catholic and bourgeois modesty.

Since she was a child, Florence has been unaware of everything that goes on… below the belt. She imagines that daddy puts the little seed in mommy’s navel, and anyway, it is tacitly forbidden in the family to talk about “things that must not be said”.

So… Florence imagines terrible, sometimes silly scenarios; Florence is distressed by the weight of tradition which inescapably places women in an inferior position; Florence, in her own way, resists in order not to sink.

  • Dupré la Tour, Florence
  • Dargaud
  • Language French
  • Release2020
  • Pages184
  • Format26.7 x 20.3 cm
  • ISBN9782205076493

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