Alexia de Visscher & Raphaël Van Lerberghe Ready to Use

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“The Ready to Use edition starts with a simple and minimal gesture. An object designed for its own use, a book made up of a bank of images of silhouettes, is diverted literally: its pages are reproduced only from the point of view of their reverse side and by their transparent quality. The starting point of the project is an edition of the Clip-Art series from the American publishing house Dover dating from 1996. Described on its cover as follows Business silhouettes, 96 royalty-free illustrations printed on one side, hundreds of uses, it illustrates the modern world of corporate work at the end of the 20th century, its furniture, its equipment and their uses, their representations and their associated gestures.”


  • Language English
  • Release2021
  • Pages64
  • Format28 x 21 cm
  • ISBN9782960284409

Book launch of Censored Magazine, October 7, 2021 Booklaunch of "la légende punaisée dans le ciel" by Pierre Leguillon & Surfaces Utiles, October 9, 2021 Booklaunch of "Vases Communiquants" by Hélène Drenou & Actes Nord, October 21, 2021 Booklaunch of "Mythologies" by Letizia Le Fur & Rue du Bouquet,October 28, 2021

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