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Rectangle 2012-2018, Rectangle
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Rectangle 2012-2018


There are initiatives that have the merit of being so strong, that they must be immortalized on paper, recreate their own temporality, their history. Burned somewhere, the book remains and transmits. The book can also be an exhibition in its own right. Rectangle is an artistic project, non-profit, installed in Brussels since 2012, which today decides to put a point somewhere, in 2018. Concentrating these six years of artistic projects in one object, where multiple artists from here and elsewhere, emerging or more than confirmed, have worked, collaborated, exhibited and activated. The subversion of visual language as a watchword in public space, using advertising and its display device as a trigger. Around thirty exhibitions have taken place in Rue Emile Féron or elsewhere in Brussels, still active by this panel and the walls behind. This book is now the bridge (and it is rather well done!).

  • Rectangle
  • Language English
  • Release2020
  • Format23.5 x 31 cm
  • ISBN9782805204975

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