Couverture de livre Elene Usdin
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Couverture de livre Elene Usdin
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Elene UsdinRené.e Aux Bois Dormants


A hallucinatory road-trip to the crossroads of myths.

René does not belong anywhere. Not in the flat he shares alone with his mother, an absent, cold-mannered woman; not with the other children at his school; not in this overly large Canadian city. Hypersensitive, wild, he is prone to fainting spells during which he travels into phantasmagorical worlds. During one of them, he goes in search of his rabbit who has run away. René then falls into a world populated by creatures as terrifying as they are benevolent. A sensual witch and a suffering cannibal, a light-eating ogre, creatures with no memory or a giant with a simple heart, rub shoulders with René, who himself undergoes a metamorphosis as he meets them. He becomes Renee, a flower, a cat, a tree… and revisits the founding myths of the First Nations, the Canadian aboriginal peoples. But where does the dream end? And who really dreams? René, a little boy looking for his rabbit? René, a man in the twilight of his life, searching for his buried wounds? Or Judith, his daughter, to whom René will reveal the terrible story of his stolen childhood and his true identity, through the intermediary of dreams?

  • Sarbacane
  • Language French
  • Release2021
  • Pages272
  • Format31.5 x 23.5 cm
  • ISBN9782377316984

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