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Roman OpalkaPainting


Pier Vittorio Aureli’s selection for his storefront.

I had a chance to follow Opalka’s lectures when I studied at the Salzburg Summer Academy in the early 1990s and I since then he is one of my favorite artists.

Painting provides an overview of Roman Opalka’s (1931-2011) career, spanning more than five decades. In 1965, Opalka began a project that would occupy the entirity of his career, titled 1965/1–[Infinity]. Each painting comprises rows of tiny numbers that progress sequentially from one canvas to the next.”

  • Dominique Levy Gallery
  • Language English
  • Release2016
  • Pages156
  • Format34 x 24 cm
  • ISBN9780986060618

10 Rue du Tabellion in 1050 Brussels

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

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