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Ed. Mathieu Copeland, Balthazar LovayThe Anti-Museum: An Anthology by Mathieu Copeland and Balthazar Lovay


The museum is a constant target for criticism, whether from artists, thinkers, curators or the public. From the 20th-century avant-gardes to the present, the museum’s suspect position has generated iconoclastic actions, attacks, utopias and alternative exhibition spaces. This anthology is devoted to the “anti-museum,” through anti-art, the anti-artist and anti-exhibition, as well as anti-architecture, anti-philosophy, anti-religion, anti-cinema and anti-music. From Dada to noise music, from “Everything is Art” to NO!art, the Japanese avant-gardes to Lettrist cinema, plus major protest figures as Gustav Metzger, Henry Flynt, Graciela Carnevale and Lydia Lunch, The Anti-Museum sketches a polyphonic panorama where negation is accompanied by a powerful breath of life.

  • Fri Art, Kunsthalle Fribourg & Koenig Books
  • Language English
  • Release2017
  • Pages792
  • Format23.8 x 17.5 cm
  • ISBN9783960980032

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