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Philip K. DickUbik

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The remarkable thing about science-fiction proposed by Philip K. Dick is that it produces narratives that are sometimes convoluted, often disturbing and generally disconcerting, and that take place in highly coherent universes. Beyond pleasure (or annoyance) that we can draw from it and beyond the existential and political questions that they raise, his books are above all a masterly lesson on the construction of plausible and amazing universes, and the resulting responsibility for its builders.

Ubik is a good gateway into the work of Philip K. Dick. One plunges into a world where business leaders have become all-powerful, doors and showers speak and obey only in return for money, and the dead live in suspended animation and communicate with the living in the «moratoriums». A complex masterpiece that addresses the limits of life and death, psychic powers, time travel, parallel universes and materialism.



  • Philip K. Dick
  • 10/18
  • Language French
  • Release1969
  • Pages288
  • Format17.8 x 10.9 cm
  • ISBN9782264028815

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