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Un climat sur mesure, Felicity D. Scott
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Un climat sur mesure

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“Join the space colonies!” »Proclaimed the flying advertisements in the black and polluted skies of Los Angeles cyberpunk of Blade Runner in 1982. On this date, in the real world, these« colonies »stored in the cartoons of NASA yet sing their last swan song . Five years earlier, when the famous Stewart Brand had put an end to his Whole Earth Catalog (1968-1972) in favor of CoEvolution Quaterly (1974-1985), the “cities for 10,000 inhabitants” designed by Gerard O’Neill for the space agency defray the hippie editors, libertarian architects, astronauts or future entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley. Should we flee our planet at the time of the P Bomb and the “return to earth”?

  • Felicity D. Scott
  • B2
  • Languages English French
  • Release2019
  • Pages224
  • Format21 x 14 cm
  • ISBN9782365090957

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