John Baldessari

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Art Lesson, A Two-Dimensional Surface without any Articulation is a Dead Experience, Econ-o-wash, Information Paintings, Commissioned Paintings, Cremation Piece, Bird to Airplane to Bird, I am Making Art, I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, Choosing (A Game for two Players) : Carrots, Baldessari sings LeWitt, Inventory, Teaching a Plant the Alphabet, Ed Hendreson Reconstructs Movie Scenarios, Title, On the Mixing of Paint and Pencil, Extended Corners, Six Colorful Inside Jobs, What Thinks Me Now, At this Time in My Life as an Artist I Have the ermission to Do What I Want to Do, Some Notes on Recent Work, Dear Young Artist… « Un artiste est une personne qui peut voir des connexions dans des circonstances improbables. » John Baldessari.

  • Matilda Olof-Ors (ed.)
  • Moderna MussetKoenig Books
  • Langue Anglais
  • Publication2020
  • Pages128
  • Format28 x 20.3 cm
  • ISBN9783960987956

Lancement de Flisvos par Bernadette Mergaerts, le jeudi 24 juin 2021 Lancement d'Exercices de dessin 01 par Tim Colmant, le jeudi 3 juin 2021 Lancement

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